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The winged Victory, the goddess Nike (Greek word for victory), daughter of the titan Pallas and the river Styx. Nike’s other brothers and sisters are Cratos (Strength), Zelos (Zeal) and Bia (Force). Nike was a symbol of victory for ancient Greeks. The Nike of Samothrace, from the Sanctuary of Kabeiroi at Samothrace, Parian marble, probably 190 BC century BC from Pythokritos of Rhodes (There is an inscription “Rhodios” that survived at the base). The Nike was found 1863 by Charles Champoiseau broken into several pieces. Some say it was created around 250 BC or even earlier if it is an donation of Demetrius Poliorcetes for a naval fight in Cyprus victory. More likely it is associated with a victory of the Rhodians at Side against the fleet of Antiochus III the Great commanded by Hannibal. A hand missing was found in 1950. Another hand was found in 1966 although it is not certain that it is really Nike’s hand. Right figure, a colored version of the Nike of Samothrace.

Ionian Song

That we’ve broken their statues,
that we’ve driven them out of their temples,
doesn’t mean at all that the gods are dead.
O land of Ionia, they’re still in love with you,
their souls still keep your memory.
When an August dawn wakes over you,
your atmosphere is potent with their life,
and sometimes a young ethereal figure
indistinct, in rapid flight,
wings across your hills.

- Constantinos Cavafy (1911)